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By Frank Cavano

You reside
Between my every crazy thought,
Behind every foolish fence
I build to block your way
You breathe your gentle
A breeze against my cheek
“Take me when you will.
I Am He Who Is.”
You do not force my way.
For love is not Love
Which holds not freedom
In its second hand.
You merely blow
Against my made-up mind
Quiet as a secret hope:
“My child, My child-
I Am He Who Is.”
It is my great sadness
That I do not let You in
Except in moments rare
the desires of the day
Into the dusty
And deluded thoughts
From which they were made-
A nothingness as apparent
As tinsel on a living tree.
It is then
And only then,
My God,
I am aware of
“He Who Is.”
And in that moment
All questions disappear.
All thoughts are meaningless.
All defenses-
Pretenders to the Throne-
Are gone.
And I am left with
The reality of One.
One Gentle, Holy God
With no goal
But to give away Himself.
As He Loves and Shares
Without conditions. . . . . . . .
Without ambivalence.

"Whisper" by Frank Cavano Copyright 2008


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