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The Turn

It took a while
to find the cross road
having passed it many times
There were distractions
of all kinds
near the place
I meant to turn
Long ago
I glanced down that road
and quickly surmised
the way was too narrow
to offer much reward
for the traveler
who followed its course
So I stayed on the pavement
wide and crowded
with all of us
taking the easy way
I slowly realized
the yellow lines
of the super highway
will never take me
to the mountain top
so I turned my direction
onto the narrow road
where fewer people ventured
more certain I became
by sparkling streams
and aspen groves
bathed in golden light
I found the power
willing to live right
with arms wide open
and head held high
I scaled the peaks
of love and joy
in magnificent ways
my life has changed
all because I made ...
The Turn

by Joseph Miller


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