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"My Life"

By J. M. Harrison

Not these limbs
Aging with time
Or fading memories
Recorded by mind
Pictures around me
Accrued to please
Yet what I am
Is none of these

Not this joy
Nor this pain
Not this loss
Or disdain
Nor the wants
Or the needs
For what I am
Is none of these

What I am
Is the silence within
That began
Where all begin
We see a body,
Hear a voice
But this reality
Is no more than choice
If you can look
A little deeper
You will find your soul
And know your keeper.

So all you see
And all you feel
Are not truly what is real
For what is true
Is what perceives
That what you are
Is none of these.

"My Life" Copyright J. M. Harrison
All rights reserved

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